Wednesday, December 26, 2012


                                                I BELIEVE IN SANTA CLAUS

Me and my creator Gegga are pretty sure that The Santa is real, ...  not just some fairy tale - told to children!

We are also pretty sure that God is real. 

Our belief makes our life a lot more wonderful, joyful and happier than it would be without those guys. But to be honest, we don't really belief that God is somehow more a guy than a girl. We belief that God has no special gender at all.  How could she, if she is all in everything - everywhere - all the time? ... Then he must be ALL THERE IS! ... doesn't that make sense?

Jesus (and other masters as well) told us that we are all CREATORS - with the ability to change everything ... make miracles in our lives. 
Can you belief that? Imagine how your life could be if you belief it?

Maybe the Christmas story is trying to tell us:


... How can that so called "God" exist ... if WE don´t express it ?  ;)

Merry Christmas to all of you - everywhere!  

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

                                          WILL YOU SMILE THIS CHRISTMAS?

Even though Christmas time is happy and merry for many people ... it is not so in everybody´s hearts.
Christmas time can even be painful and make some of us feel more lonely and depressed than we are on ordinary mondays.
In Christmas songs and customs we are reminded of how "very happy" we should be at this time.
But some of us are maybe not so happy. We may, for example, be experiencing separation from our loved ones ... or feeling something is missing in our lives, it could be people, money ... or health.
How ever if we are willing to listen to the the musik of the SMILER - (which is the instrument of joy) it will remind us that THERE IS A GIFT HIDDEN IN EVERY DIFFICULT CIRCUMSTANCES.
This time, your so called "difficulties" could be your best Christmas gift ever!  Would it be possible to look at it that way? ... and smile five times ... even though it´s absolutely NO REASON for it.  If you choose to do so ... you could change your life for ever!

You were born to make Miracles happen - specially at Christmas!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

                                PEACE ON EARTH

What does that mean? Is it possible? What does "peaceful" really mean? How am I acting when I am peaceful? Do we really want peace on earth? ... or is it just something we  say ... to make us look good?
If I really love peace ... how can I make it come true in my life ... and in my house (which is not even big)? 
I might- to start with - ask myself, how I treat myself and the people around me? Sometimes (on bad days, which comes occasionally) I even fight with MYSELF ... in my beautiful head. Very strange behavior ... as clever as I am. On really bad days, I can even start a crazy war - with myself - using  negative thoughts as a weapon against myself. What a stupid game to play! 
That´s why I´m so glad it´s "Christmas time" soon, because at that time I remember very clearly WHO I REALLY AM - a loving, peaceful, caring and creative human being ... and it´s somehow so easy to experience that "knowing" over Christmas.


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

                                                         SMILER OF THE MONTH

 As I have already mentioned, Gegga - my creator, is working at psychiatric ward. Few days ago she had a brilliant idea - to give herself, her collages and the patients - more pleasure! Even if it's interesting and fun working at that ward - it can also be tough - and some days  even hard and boring. Then the staff get's tired and loose their power of joy!

What do you value most at work (not talking about money here)? For me, it's being in good company. I love when people are positive, smile a lot, and don´t take things to seriously. To motivate herself and her colleagues to be extremely "good and nice" at work, she started a competition between the staff members. Every month the staff will choose "The SMILER of The Month!" ... And the lucky one will get one sample of "me" to wear the following month. The next month, he has to handle "me" to the next big winner - like they do in sports competitions. 
Now she's always looking forward to go to work - it's more fun than staying home she says!

Few qualities "The SMILER of The Month" has to demonstrate:

  • You just love working with him - he makes you feel sooooo... good!
  • Focus on your qualities rather than your failures ... most of the time!
  • Knows that "laughing" make life longer ... and "time at work" shorter!
  • Share with generosity: positivity, kindness, humour, patience, ... and more good feelings.
  • Sees problems as challenges, ... and saves you when you have messed everything up - again!
  • Smiles five times a day, for no reason ... when there is nothing apparent to smile at!


Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Gegga (my creator) - have at last created a new version of me (smiler).  I call him my brother. She did it all by herself - just like Virgin Mary gave a "holy master" life in the old days. His outlook is almost like mine - but the "skin" is a little bit difference - has not the same color. My brother is made of LEAD-FREE TIN. Some people might say that because the color is darker - it´s cheeper and not as good ... and even less worthy. But that´s not  true! It´s true that it´s cheeper but not for the "color reason" - it would be so stupid! Me (the older and original one) is handmade in porcelain and silver - hard work! 
It´s important to admit that AT THE INSIDE WE ARE JUST THE SAME - having the same value - being able to do similar miracles. We believe EVERYBODY ARE THE SAME at the inside!! - with the same needs for love and joy. It would just be so boring and monotonic if everybody would have exactly the same look - Don´t you agree?

We are strongly CONNECTED - like everybody else are on this planet (many have just  forgot) - and that´s why when one of us is talking and expressing himself - he is talking for HIS BROTHER too! ... isn´t that fantastic?

Enjoy your day! 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Sometimes my Creator - Gegga - is not in very good mood to smile. She can even feel pitty for herself and blame others when she have bad days. When that happens she sometimes don´t even notice me - even though I am hanging around her neck! Fortunately those days never last for long, because she has practiced her "believe" that she is her own Creator - and she know it 100 % deep in her heart. Some days are bad! ... and many days are not! ... What is "bad" anyway???

Saturday, October 27, 2012


Life is never going to tell you what will happen tomorrow! 
    Last week Gegga ( my creator ) tested that in her own life. One evening at the hospital ( she is a nurse in a psychiatric ward ) she had a phone call from a friend who invited her to New York City - the next day!!.. imagine!!  The terms was that she would babysit a 3 year old kid for a week! Vuuuhh!!! ...that was a BIG challange for her!! ... neither she or New York  liked kids very much. But in her dreams she wanted to travel more... and also to like kids... just a little bit more.  Everybody should love kids, the world is full of them... and someday she would even become a grandma - if God is good... she thought. 
So she jumped on the plane... and thanks to God all went well. The 3 year old kid did even like her... and all the candy she had :)
   Well... while staying in NY Gegga got another surprise phone call. Her father, who was staying in Florida for a vacation, had suddenly got seriously ill and was treated in an intensive care unit. So she went on travelling... all the way to Florida - a place she had never wished to visit - "unless in an emergency circumstances... or without having to pay the bill!" All of her friends and family knew about her statement of that. ( to tell you the truth, she said the same thing about NY after staying there few years ago )


Thanks to God her father is on his way to a better health - deciding not to die this time.
It did matter, he told her, that he was wearing his "smiler" around his neck all the time. 

Gegga is sooooo.....  grateful to God for sending her on a trip like that, with new 
experiences - without paying the bill - and even having fun most of the time :)

Monday, October 15, 2012


( From the forthcoming book "Be a smiler..." ) :

At the turn of the last century I was nurturing the creative force within me as a student at the Iceland Academy of the Arts. Even so, I was not entirely content with my life. I was prone to sitting on the “pity pot” and often considered life harsh and unfair. As if that were not enough, I felt guilty about not being sufficiently happy. I had everything: a house, a man in my life, children, a car, a dog. I was living the romantic dream… my own dream since childhood… except the love wasn’t thriving, and my heart was lonely.
At school I was given an assignment to design a utility object of some kind that had an unusual purpose – or even no specific purpose. That is when my “instrument of joy” idea was born. Why wait for happiness – for something good to happen so I could feel happy? Why didn’t I just take the initiative and smile at the gloom and doom?
The outcome of my project was an object that somewhat resembled a dog bone. I wanted to pay homage to dogs for their amazing ability to feel joy over the smallest things and then to generously pass that joy on to others. The object was shaped like a crescent and could be placed between the corners of the mouth to push them outward and up, creating a smile. It was practically a given that anyone who saw the object used would not be able to resist smiling back.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

                                                 LOVING YOURSELF AS A SMILER!

Have you looked in the mirror today?  How about loving that person you see, and give her a kiss? - smile to you and tell yourself that you are going to stand by your side the whole day long!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

                                                        SMILE TODAY

Today you have a very good reason to smile - if not for you - do it for others! 

Research shows that a smile will produce "happy" hormones in the brain of the person who give it - and also in the person who receive it!  And the hormones can heal our body - and mind - and for that - our lives!  
         So why not use it?  Have a good day today!  :)

Saturday, September 15, 2012


     “ALL THERE IS” – both the visible and invisible – is energy. This is proven by science. Life is energy, an ever-moving, invisible wave that the eye rarely sees. It moves quickly, and nothing can stop it – except its antithesis. Consequently it is futile to attempt to heal negative energy, like anger, by shouting. Smiling works better. If you wish to defeat your enemy, use the most powerful weapon there is - LOVE. Align yourself with God – and smile with all your heart  :) 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


 Every time you get an idea that ignites a fire in your heart, you should follow it. It could make all the difference, both to you personally, and to the world. When you create with joy, you nourish your soul, and that makes you just a little more divine. ( from the forthcoming book "Be a smiler... )

Saturday, August 18, 2012

You get - what you give!

“It is better to give than to receive.” This old adage speaks volumes. The smiles you send out always come back to you eventually.
We all have hopes and desires, and the quickest way to get what you want is to give it to someone else… with sincerity and joy. This is true for all things, both spiritual and material. 

( from Gegga's  forthcoming book - "Be a smiler and change the world" )

Thursday, August 16, 2012


Are you fully aware of the impact you have on your surroundings and other people? Is it crystal-clear to you on a daily basis? We all influence others, and there is always someone who sees you as a role model, whether you like it or not.  ( From the forthcoming book: Be a smiler .... )

Sunday, August 12, 2012

                                                    WHAT DO YOU WANT???????????

 When you have a clear vision of your dream and give it your very best, then life moves to help you.  If your dreams have not come true - yet ... the problem could be that you are changing your mind to often!   

            WHAT DO YOU REALLY WANT?   Focus on that - and never ever give up!

Thursday, July 5, 2012


I'm Gegga - an Icelandic Creator and a smiler.
 I am so happy with my new blog website, were me and my smiler can easily be in contact with you people - all over the world.