Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Gegga (my creator) - have at last created a new version of me (smiler).  I call him my brother. She did it all by herself - just like Virgin Mary gave a "holy master" life in the old days. His outlook is almost like mine - but the "skin" is a little bit difference - has not the same color. My brother is made of LEAD-FREE TIN. Some people might say that because the color is darker - it´s cheeper and not as good ... and even less worthy. But that´s not  true! It´s true that it´s cheeper but not for the "color reason" - it would be so stupid! Me (the older and original one) is handmade in porcelain and silver - hard work! 
It´s important to admit that AT THE INSIDE WE ARE JUST THE SAME - having the same value - being able to do similar miracles. We believe EVERYBODY ARE THE SAME at the inside!! - with the same needs for love and joy. It would just be so boring and monotonic if everybody would have exactly the same look - Don´t you agree?

We are strongly CONNECTED - like everybody else are on this planet (many have just  forgot) - and that´s why when one of us is talking and expressing himself - he is talking for HIS BROTHER too! ... isn´t that fantastic?

Enjoy your day! 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Sometimes my Creator - Gegga - is not in very good mood to smile. She can even feel pitty for herself and blame others when she have bad days. When that happens she sometimes don´t even notice me - even though I am hanging around her neck! Fortunately those days never last for long, because she has practiced her "believe" that she is her own Creator - and she know it 100 % deep in her heart. Some days are bad! ... and many days are not! ... What is "bad" anyway???