Thursday, December 13, 2012

                                PEACE ON EARTH

What does that mean? Is it possible? What does "peaceful" really mean? How am I acting when I am peaceful? Do we really want peace on earth? ... or is it just something we  say ... to make us look good?
If I really love peace ... how can I make it come true in my life ... and in my house (which is not even big)? 
I might- to start with - ask myself, how I treat myself and the people around me? Sometimes (on bad days, which comes occasionally) I even fight with MYSELF ... in my beautiful head. Very strange behavior ... as clever as I am. On really bad days, I can even start a crazy war - with myself - using  negative thoughts as a weapon against myself. What a stupid game to play! 
That´s why I´m so glad it´s "Christmas time" soon, because at that time I remember very clearly WHO I REALLY AM - a loving, peaceful, caring and creative human being ... and it´s somehow so easy to experience that "knowing" over Christmas.


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