Wednesday, December 5, 2012

                                                         SMILER OF THE MONTH

 As I have already mentioned, Gegga - my creator, is working at psychiatric ward. Few days ago she had a brilliant idea - to give herself, her collages and the patients - more pleasure! Even if it's interesting and fun working at that ward - it can also be tough - and some days  even hard and boring. Then the staff get's tired and loose their power of joy!

What do you value most at work (not talking about money here)? For me, it's being in good company. I love when people are positive, smile a lot, and don´t take things to seriously. To motivate herself and her colleagues to be extremely "good and nice" at work, she started a competition between the staff members. Every month the staff will choose "The SMILER of The Month!" ... And the lucky one will get one sample of "me" to wear the following month. The next month, he has to handle "me" to the next big winner - like they do in sports competitions. 
Now she's always looking forward to go to work - it's more fun than staying home she says!

Few qualities "The SMILER of The Month" has to demonstrate:

  • You just love working with him - he makes you feel sooooo... good!
  • Focus on your qualities rather than your failures ... most of the time!
  • Knows that "laughing" make life longer ... and "time at work" shorter!
  • Share with generosity: positivity, kindness, humour, patience, ... and more good feelings.
  • Sees problems as challenges, ... and saves you when you have messed everything up - again!
  • Smiles five times a day, for no reason ... when there is nothing apparent to smile at!


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