Wednesday, December 19, 2012

                                          WILL YOU SMILE THIS CHRISTMAS?

Even though Christmas time is happy and merry for many people ... it is not so in everybody´s hearts.
Christmas time can even be painful and make some of us feel more lonely and depressed than we are on ordinary mondays.
In Christmas songs and customs we are reminded of how "very happy" we should be at this time.
But some of us are maybe not so happy. We may, for example, be experiencing separation from our loved ones ... or feeling something is missing in our lives, it could be people, money ... or health.
How ever if we are willing to listen to the the musik of the SMILER - (which is the instrument of joy) it will remind us that THERE IS A GIFT HIDDEN IN EVERY DIFFICULT CIRCUMSTANCES.
This time, your so called "difficulties" could be your best Christmas gift ever!  Would it be possible to look at it that way? ... and smile five times ... even though it´s absolutely NO REASON for it.  If you choose to do so ... you could change your life for ever!

You were born to make Miracles happen - specially at Christmas!

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