Wednesday, January 30, 2013


                                                WHO ARE YOU INSIDE YOUR SKIN?

 Who do you really think you are - inside your skin?  I'm talking about your spirit here ... not your bones and blood. 
Have you ever stopped listen to the noise in the world, even just for a minute, looked inside and asked about your dreams? ... Your true dreams ... which, when you think of them, make your heart smile and jump upside down in joyful excitement. 
I'm telling you that inside yourself you keep your real treasure - because your thoughts and believes create your reality. So if you don't go within - you go without!

Do you dare - in your daily life - to show your true inner person and how wonderful you are? Most of people don't. They hide their caring loving God within and forget who they really are: A Powerful Smiling Creator! 

Try to look in peoples eyes for ten seconds - and see their souls - their beauty inside. When you do that, you will help them bring out their Powerful Creator. And then they will remind you of yours :) 

Don't bury yourself inside - open your door and shine! 

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013


                                                  PUT GOD IN YOUR PENCIL AND...

I believe that God, or what ever we might call our "Higher Power", is within me ... and of course you too. 
Most of religions tells us that "their god" is a Creator ... of life and miracles. That is fantastic! ... it suits me perfectly... having a part of this creative power within me. I say WOW to that!

Gegga (my personal creator) like the idea as well, specially because she's an artist ... and she just loves creating arts ... for example paintings. 
She wants her paintings to express the creation of life itself and it's beautiful and many variegations. So she "puts God in her pensil" and imagine all the color she would like to see in life - joining happily together.   :)

If we were all the same - life wouldn't be colorful and it would definitely be more boring! ... I'm quite sure.  What do you think?

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


                                                                I AM SO DELICIOUS!

I love to be loved! ... I adore when others desires me!  
... So once in the past I had an excellent idea, which I transmitted to Gegga (my creator): Make me in chocolate!!! ... everybody loves chocolate!  
I want to be kissed and hear people cry out to me: You are so sweet I could eat you!

... And they did! ... Because I was really made in chocolate in 2011 - to support UNICEF - which got all the profit from my selling.  At that time I was in "heaven"... to have the privilege to give people enjoyment and fulfilling (almost ecstasy) when they - at the same moment they were eating me - were nurturing children in Africa. 

I'm so clever ... and delicious!  Don't you agree?

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


                                                 HAVE YOU EVER FELT ISOLATED?

Have you ever felt so lonely that it seems like you are completely isolated from others - and  maybe from the rest of the world? It could be so hurtful that living is painful.

Yesterday, a young man described such a feeling to me. And he is not the only one.  
I understood him very well - I know this felling myself!

He kept on talking and told me about his desire to become the one and only on some others  "Top List"... a friend or a spouse.  He wanted really to be someones favorites. But at the same time he felt shame for having such a feelings. 

Well ... I myself have felt similar feelings - and I think we all do now and then - if not most of the time.

                            IS THERE SOMETHING THAT CAN BE DONE TO HELP?

      Here are few suggestions:

  • Remember you are connected to everyone - nobody is really an island. Your soul is so big it can merges with souls of many others - there are no limits!
  • GIVE what YOU want. If you go to someone else who are lonely and give her/him compassion - it would be impossible for you to feel lonely at the same time.
  • When you give repeatedly to others - you will most likely become their favorites.
  • Ask yourself: Would I like to have JUST ONE favorite on my own Top List? 
  • BECOME THE ONE YOU ARE WAITING FOR! Be a good companion to yourself - smile to the person in the mirror - say something nice and give her a hug! Dont wait!


Wednesday, January 2, 2013


                                                             HAPPY NEW YOU! 

Gegga (my creator) told me today:

Every day I wake up - brand new! ... But then, in one millionth of a second I fall back into old pattern of thoughts, ... "yesterday thoughts", which can be more or less about some old boring stuff ... and not to mention, also worries for the future. What a waste of a good morning time! A time that will never come back. 

I´m now practicing to let such mornings disasters not last very long. It's maybe ok for few seconds ... but not a second longer. 
To help me turn negative thoughts into positive ones I choose to use GRATITUDE. So before I step out of my bed I say: Thank you God for: my wonderful car ... my children, my bed, my gray hair (which I almost lost few years ago), my teeth (having all of them) ... and this brand new year 2013!

Every moment you are newborn ... which means you can choose how you will think, act and express yourself, for the rest of ............ your life.

It is not just your mind which are changing, but also your body. All of your bodycells are constantly changing and refreshing themselves.

You are a new version of you - every day, month and a year -  of course! 
It's all up to you what kind of change you want to make on yourself and your life.

Just remember:
You create your life with your THOUGHTS, WORDS, ACTIONS and FEELINGS!

Happy new year!