Wednesday, January 2, 2013


                                                             HAPPY NEW YOU! 

Gegga (my creator) told me today:

Every day I wake up - brand new! ... But then, in one millionth of a second I fall back into old pattern of thoughts, ... "yesterday thoughts", which can be more or less about some old boring stuff ... and not to mention, also worries for the future. What a waste of a good morning time! A time that will never come back. 

I´m now practicing to let such mornings disasters not last very long. It's maybe ok for few seconds ... but not a second longer. 
To help me turn negative thoughts into positive ones I choose to use GRATITUDE. So before I step out of my bed I say: Thank you God for: my wonderful car ... my children, my bed, my gray hair (which I almost lost few years ago), my teeth (having all of them) ... and this brand new year 2013!

Every moment you are newborn ... which means you can choose how you will think, act and express yourself, for the rest of ............ your life.

It is not just your mind which are changing, but also your body. All of your bodycells are constantly changing and refreshing themselves.

You are a new version of you - every day, month and a year -  of course! 
It's all up to you what kind of change you want to make on yourself and your life.

Just remember:
You create your life with your THOUGHTS, WORDS, ACTIONS and FEELINGS!

Happy new year!

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