Wednesday, January 9, 2013


                                                 HAVE YOU EVER FELT ISOLATED?

Have you ever felt so lonely that it seems like you are completely isolated from others - and  maybe from the rest of the world? It could be so hurtful that living is painful.

Yesterday, a young man described such a feeling to me. And he is not the only one.  
I understood him very well - I know this felling myself!

He kept on talking and told me about his desire to become the one and only on some others  "Top List"... a friend or a spouse.  He wanted really to be someones favorites. But at the same time he felt shame for having such a feelings. 

Well ... I myself have felt similar feelings - and I think we all do now and then - if not most of the time.

                            IS THERE SOMETHING THAT CAN BE DONE TO HELP?

      Here are few suggestions:

  • Remember you are connected to everyone - nobody is really an island. Your soul is so big it can merges with souls of many others - there are no limits!
  • GIVE what YOU want. If you go to someone else who are lonely and give her/him compassion - it would be impossible for you to feel lonely at the same time.
  • When you give repeatedly to others - you will most likely become their favorites.
  • Ask yourself: Would I like to have JUST ONE favorite on my own Top List? 
  • BECOME THE ONE YOU ARE WAITING FOR! Be a good companion to yourself - smile to the person in the mirror - say something nice and give her a hug! Dont wait!


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