Wednesday, January 16, 2013


                                                                I AM SO DELICIOUS!

I love to be loved! ... I adore when others desires me!  
... So once in the past I had an excellent idea, which I transmitted to Gegga (my creator): Make me in chocolate!!! ... everybody loves chocolate!  
I want to be kissed and hear people cry out to me: You are so sweet I could eat you!

... And they did! ... Because I was really made in chocolate in 2011 - to support UNICEF - which got all the profit from my selling.  At that time I was in "heaven"... to have the privilege to give people enjoyment and fulfilling (almost ecstasy) when they - at the same moment they were eating me - were nurturing children in Africa. 

I'm so clever ... and delicious!  Don't you agree?

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