Wednesday, January 30, 2013


                                                WHO ARE YOU INSIDE YOUR SKIN?

 Who do you really think you are - inside your skin?  I'm talking about your spirit here ... not your bones and blood. 
Have you ever stopped listen to the noise in the world, even just for a minute, looked inside and asked about your dreams? ... Your true dreams ... which, when you think of them, make your heart smile and jump upside down in joyful excitement. 
I'm telling you that inside yourself you keep your real treasure - because your thoughts and believes create your reality. So if you don't go within - you go without!

Do you dare - in your daily life - to show your true inner person and how wonderful you are? Most of people don't. They hide their caring loving God within and forget who they really are: A Powerful Smiling Creator! 

Try to look in peoples eyes for ten seconds - and see their souls - their beauty inside. When you do that, you will help them bring out their Powerful Creator. And then they will remind you of yours :) 

Don't bury yourself inside - open your door and shine! 

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