Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Another Valentine´s day - still unmarried!

                                           Another  Valentine's Day - still unmarried!

Tomorrow is another Valentine's day... and I'm still unmarried! ... never mind :) 

From the forthcoming book: "Be a Smiler .... ":

Valentine’s Day is supposed to be when you give gifts and express your feelings for the person you love. On one such day I headed to the flower shop to buy a gift for a good friend that I had recently met. This friend was older, he was alone, and he was struggling with both cancer and mental impairment. I gave it some thought, then decided on a bunch of red roses and a card with a few affectionate words. He was extremely moved and told me that no one had ever given him red roses before, and no woman had ever expressed love to him in this way before.
This man has now passed away, yet that small amount of pampering that I provided on that Valentine’s Day is extremely precious... to me. That same day I also made an impromptu decision to buy a lovely book for myself in the same shop. I had it wrapped and decorated, just like I would have if it had been a gift for someone else.  
Why not show ourselves the love and respect we want from others? When we do, we boost our sense of self-love and send out clear messages about how we want to be treated. At the same time, we act as positive role models for others, and teach our children that it is natural and good to love and respect ourselves.

How about dating me - smiler - on Valentine´s day?  
    For special price - and I'm yours forever!  Everybody should afford LOVE and JOY!

Valentine's prise for tin smiler: 5500 isl. kr. (normal prise: 6900     tel. 354-8980778

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