Wednesday, February 20, 2013


                                                                 LET'S OPEN UP!

Courage is something I am practicing every day - some days more than others. I am lucky to have the courage to follow most of my dreams, but on my way all too often I bump into my only enemy - fear.

My greatest fear is about what other people think of me, and the rejection that might follow, if people dislike me.  Nothing hurts as much as rejection.  Nothing is as important for our self image as the love and acceptance of others.

It is a challenge to allow my self to flourish and show my inner beauty and truth - what I would like to stand for.  But some parts of my self I have not yet dared to show others - letting that silly fear stop me.  However using my common sense this can't really be justified.  Why should we mind about others opinion about us - even people totally different minded? How will we attract people of similar minds if we are hiding ourselves?

The biggest fear for many people is to show their love - their heart's softness.  They are even afraid that their heart might break if they do so.  Odd, taking that our heart only gets stronger when we open it up.  One could say it becomes strong as a stone - though not made of stone.

I am going to open up and say "THIS IS WHO I AM - TAKE ME OR LEAVE ME" .... so to speak :)))

Let's open up our hearts so we can see each others clearly.

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