Wednesday, February 27, 2013


                                              ONCE I ALMOST WALKED ON WATER 

     Do you want to experience miracles? (who doesn't :) Our faith can produce miracles.

    Have you noticed that if you believe that something is going to happen - it does! Weather it is good or bad. Some say, that if our believes are very strong we can move mountains ... or even walk on water!

     When my creator, Gegga, was in Israel once, she had the experience of sitting on the water in The Dead See. She really could, even though she is 51kg (I'm not lying). It's because it is the lowest and saltiest spot on earth.   I sometimes wonder if they made mistake in the old days when they wrote that Jesus walked on The Galileo Water. I'm pretty sure it must have been The Dead See. But maybe my faith isn't strong enough.

     I believe that it is important for us to understand our faith, whatever it may be, and to examine it well. Our faith directs our thoughts, actions and emotions. If my creator Gegga drives a car at 120 km per hour, she's pretty sure she'll get a fine. That’s why she don’t do it. It is wise to choose a faith that gives us useful guidance and a sense of well-being.

     The quickest way to make miracle happen is to give THANKS in your prayers. I mean before you get the answer. Strong faith and positive expectations will transform our dreams into reality quicker then we might expect. Try it - you have nothing to loose!!

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