Wednesday, February 6, 2013



                                                        VISITING THE DOCTORS

Two weeks ago my Gegga went to a doctor and the doctor for some reason (not mentioned here) checked on her cervix.  While he was looking deep inside her body he asked: “ When did you last have a cancercheck? I see a knot on your cervix which is different in color from the surrounding area. You must have a specialist take a look at it – I’m no specialist.”

What a nice surprice! – always something to challence the fear – I thought.

Gegga took a decission – with my help of course - to take this challange as an opportunity to practise her courages and for loving what is.
Whithin the next few days something weared happend. Gegga met  a friends which she hadn't seen for months.  She is a nurse and few years ago she worked with people with cancer. Now without  knowing anything about the visit to the doctor and right out of the blue she gave Gegga a book – a guiding book for people diagnosed with cancer!


Gegga decided to look at this gift as a good “gift” – or rather like a test – just to see if she would jump into fear or not. She was curious to know about her inner strenght and trust.

Two days later Gegga read some message (in an email) from a famous spiritual teacher. The text was about seeing everything as a blessing – even if  you get news about terminal illness. Your mind seldom knows about your souls plan ... which might think that her job is done here on earth ... for the time being.
In the message Gegga was told that she knew exactly why it was good for her to receive this messiage that particular day.
Gegga tried to contact some gynecolog she knew – but the only one who could give her appointment within a month happened to be also a specialist in cancer diseases.

“HELLO! ... DON’T YOU DARE  SCARING ME!” Gegga shouted to heaven.

Gegga surpriced me – she wasn’t  scared at all – or maybe just a tiny tiny little bit.
But she knew she had no time to be sick – her soulwork was just starting here on the planet earth. So she visualiced the upcoming visit to the Specialist - how it would be and what he would say... and how she would emotionally respond.
She imagined him saying: “I don´t see anything here – this is a beautiful looking cervix”  ... AND SO HE SAID! He used exactly these words when she, one week later on a monday morning was lying on his table with her legs apart .

“Oh what a beautiful monday ... oh what a beautiful day ... I have this wonderful feeling everything’s going my way”  

...Coincidence or respective?   


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