Wednesday, March 27, 2013


                                    WHEN YOU LOVE SOMEONE - AND LET GO

Love and let go! Easier said than done, I know.

     It´s surprising how love can sometimes be painful – or so we think. Maybe it’s just when we limit its expression that it gets painful.
When someone who we love walks out of our life, or someone behaves otherwise than we would like him to, it can hurt!
     Love is the greatest feeling of all. We are made of love - we are love!
Sometimes we imagine that love is lost – but love can never be lost. It’s a feeling that can only be transformed into different forms – but can never disappear.
We can for example love our spouse in a very "hot" and romantic way, ... for some years, and then we break up. But we can still love each other – just in a different way.

     Love doesn´t have to change into angry feelings or hatred! If it does it’s often because we think we own other people!

     Would we give someone else permission to own us ... and control us? Isn´t
 that rather stupid and unrealistic for couples in love, to give promises to love each other (in romantic way) ... the REST OF THEIR LIVES? Doesn´t that make us feel guilty and like loosers if we then decide to break up?
We might remind us of that we live much longer now than we did around 1800 when people over 40 years old were rather uncommon.

     Who is there to judge anyway?
                                        Give yourself permission to love people - 
                                               no matter what they are doing – 
                                                         and heal your heart.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013



                                                          DO WE DECIDE WHEN WE DIE?

    Well ... my granny did!

    Few years ago Gegga’s grandmother passed away. She was a real granny – the best! Always taking care of others. And always smiling. Nobody was allowed to leave her home without a full stomach of homebaked cookies and delicious food.

    Like most people, granny had some fear to carry; She was very much afraid of doctors.  So she never went to see one. For instance she never went to see a dentist  - until one day. She had lost all her teeth and needed to get a false set! She would rather die than stay in a hospital overnight.
    Unfortunately, when granny was  89, she fell in her home and broke her pelvis badly. It hurt a lot, and Gegga called an ambulance that took her to the Hospital.  She was given morphine to kill the pain and then she lost her conciousness. The doctors told the family that she was going to die very soon.
    Granny was very skinny, just 38 kg (she, herself never ate her home baked cookies). Everybody found it most likely that she would not live more than a day or two. So the doctor decided not to give her intravenous fluid.
    Gegga’s grandpa was allowed to have a bed in the same room, and the family staid in there, day and night for 5 days! ... BUT GRANNY DIDN´T DIE!  Everyone could see that she was very much in pain even though she had morphine drop intravenous.

   Miracle happened on the fourth day. Granny suddenly woke up! – and asked for a lipstick. Then she kissed the man she had been married to for more than 65 years.  Afterwards she lost consciousness again.
    The next morning when Gegga arrived, grandpa told her he needed to go home and take a shower.  He would be back in an hour. One of the family members gave him a drive, the others went for a coffe break in the refectory. Gegga knew exactly what was going to happen: 

                                         GRANNY WAS GOING TO DIE NOW!

    Gegga was alone with her. She took her hand and told granny to go ahead: Thank you granny for everything you have done for us. Give yourself now a permission to die - GO FOR IT GRANNY!”
    In 10 minutes granny was gone – to heaven!

    But what about grandpa?  Would he ever forgive himself for leaving, ... for a shower? 
YES he would! ... Because granny is a genius! She knew, because Gegga is a nurse, she would tell grandpa that he had given his wife the best gift ever – by leaving the room. It was too difficult for her to “die”, while he was staying there. 
     Gegga also told him, that when working with dying people, she had often seen simular “plots” between souls. So grandpa believed her and didn't felt guilty at all. He was even very happy with his decision to leave.  :)

    Assuming that the soul is a part of God, would it then be strange if it would die against it's own will?? 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013



                                                     TRUE SMILER IN INDIA! 

    True "smiler" never give up! No one can ever "take over" his inner power of love... no matter what! 

    The women on the photo smiled when she was honoured with smiler as a gift from She even broke into laughter!  :)
    For her, it is very unusual – almost abnormal- to be honoured in any way. She knows, unfortunately, much better the opposite!
    Many women in India, and other countries, have tolerated acid attacks from their husbands and other men. I’m not joking – I wish I were!
    After such painful and cruel violence the women are condemned from their society, and they get isolated in poorness for the rest of their life. Many of them just don’t ‘want to live any more - and who blames them!

    I sometime feel like I’m very small – especially when I get to know others who are very brave and never give up, no matter how badly life treats them.

                         The world  is beautiful in so many ways.
                            But what is beauty anyway?

   Those women are BEAUTIFUL and POWERFUL from inside out! They are heroes – true SMILERS! They are “fighting” with love and respect for themselves. Doing their best to open up our eyes for these crimes. Fighting for freedom and justice. They are asking us for help!
    I am so thankful for the opportunity to show the love and compassion which I am made of -  and all of us are, of course. Sometimes we just forget!

    I am very honoured to give my help – I will try to do my best anyway - to be a true smiler MYSELF!

Help me to help!
When you buy me,10% of the profit goes to: Stop Acid Attacks, Non- Profit-Organisation.
I am made of: Lead- Free Tin - cost only 6900 isl. kr
                       Porcelain and Silver - cost 19800 isl. kr :)

You find me:
 With my creator Gegga:, tel:354-8980778, Kaolin gallery Skólavordustig 22,Reykjavik,

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


                                 THE STRUGGLE ENDS WHEN THE GRATITUDE BEGINS!

     So says N.D. Walsch and other wise people. I completely agree to that... when I am having a good day.
     It has been very cold and windy, and also heavy snow, in Reykjavik the last three days... bothering me a lot. I am freezing every time I go out. I am rather skinny and don´t have enough fat to protect me ... although I am thankful for that! 
     But I just love to take a hot bath – when it’s cold outside. So for me it is usually easy to see the GIFT in a cold weather. But now, Gegga’s big toe is injured, because of a clumsy accident she had (not saying that accident can ever be clever). 
     She dropped a heavy plank on her big toe when she was re-decorating the inside of her studio, in a hurry... as always! So now she can not give us a cosy warm bath. Damn...  I said! Selfish me..., forgetting how lucky I am, not to have any toes to break!  :)

     That's why I reccomend whether things are going your way or not,  to write down:

             Ten things that you can be grateful for today

You can ALWAYS find something positive for which to give thanks. 
If nothing else, you can be grateful for: This text you are reading -  the hands that are holding it (assuming you have them) -  the eyeglasses that bring everything into focus -  the coffee you’ve just brewed - a pleasing weather forecast - a trusted friend - hugs - the shelter provided by your home - a great talk with your kids - an upcoming date - unexpected help - a sweet kiss - new underwear - the toilet facilities you (hopefully) have in your home - the air you breathe… the list is endless............ :)))