Wednesday, March 6, 2013


                                 THE STRUGGLE ENDS WHEN THE GRATITUDE BEGINS!

     So says N.D. Walsch and other wise people. I completely agree to that... when I am having a good day.
     It has been very cold and windy, and also heavy snow, in Reykjavik the last three days... bothering me a lot. I am freezing every time I go out. I am rather skinny and don´t have enough fat to protect me ... although I am thankful for that! 
     But I just love to take a hot bath – when it’s cold outside. So for me it is usually easy to see the GIFT in a cold weather. But now, Gegga’s big toe is injured, because of a clumsy accident she had (not saying that accident can ever be clever). 
     She dropped a heavy plank on her big toe when she was re-decorating the inside of her studio, in a hurry... as always! So now she can not give us a cosy warm bath. Damn...  I said! Selfish me..., forgetting how lucky I am, not to have any toes to break!  :)

     That's why I reccomend whether things are going your way or not,  to write down:

             Ten things that you can be grateful for today

You can ALWAYS find something positive for which to give thanks. 
If nothing else, you can be grateful for: This text you are reading -  the hands that are holding it (assuming you have them) -  the eyeglasses that bring everything into focus -  the coffee you’ve just brewed - a pleasing weather forecast - a trusted friend - hugs - the shelter provided by your home - a great talk with your kids - an upcoming date - unexpected help - a sweet kiss - new underwear - the toilet facilities you (hopefully) have in your home - the air you breathe… the list is endless............ :)))

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