Wednesday, March 13, 2013



                                                     TRUE SMILER IN INDIA! 

    True "smiler" never give up! No one can ever "take over" his inner power of love... no matter what! 

    The women on the photo smiled when she was honoured with smiler as a gift from She even broke into laughter!  :)
    For her, it is very unusual – almost abnormal- to be honoured in any way. She knows, unfortunately, much better the opposite!
    Many women in India, and other countries, have tolerated acid attacks from their husbands and other men. I’m not joking – I wish I were!
    After such painful and cruel violence the women are condemned from their society, and they get isolated in poorness for the rest of their life. Many of them just don’t ‘want to live any more - and who blames them!

    I sometime feel like I’m very small – especially when I get to know others who are very brave and never give up, no matter how badly life treats them.

                         The world  is beautiful in so many ways.
                            But what is beauty anyway?

   Those women are BEAUTIFUL and POWERFUL from inside out! They are heroes – true SMILERS! They are “fighting” with love and respect for themselves. Doing their best to open up our eyes for these crimes. Fighting for freedom and justice. They are asking us for help!
    I am so thankful for the opportunity to show the love and compassion which I am made of -  and all of us are, of course. Sometimes we just forget!

    I am very honoured to give my help – I will try to do my best anyway - to be a true smiler MYSELF!

Help me to help!
When you buy me,10% of the profit goes to: Stop Acid Attacks, Non- Profit-Organisation.
I am made of: Lead- Free Tin - cost only 6900 isl. kr
                       Porcelain and Silver - cost 19800 isl. kr :)

You find me:
 With my creator Gegga:, tel:354-8980778, Kaolin gallery Skólavordustig 22,Reykjavik,

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