Wednesday, March 27, 2013


                                    WHEN YOU LOVE SOMEONE - AND LET GO

Love and let go! Easier said than done, I know.

     It´s surprising how love can sometimes be painful – or so we think. Maybe it’s just when we limit its expression that it gets painful.
When someone who we love walks out of our life, or someone behaves otherwise than we would like him to, it can hurt!
     Love is the greatest feeling of all. We are made of love - we are love!
Sometimes we imagine that love is lost – but love can never be lost. It’s a feeling that can only be transformed into different forms – but can never disappear.
We can for example love our spouse in a very "hot" and romantic way, ... for some years, and then we break up. But we can still love each other – just in a different way.

     Love doesn´t have to change into angry feelings or hatred! If it does it’s often because we think we own other people!

     Would we give someone else permission to own us ... and control us? Isn´t
 that rather stupid and unrealistic for couples in love, to give promises to love each other (in romantic way) ... the REST OF THEIR LIVES? Doesn´t that make us feel guilty and like loosers if we then decide to break up?
We might remind us of that we live much longer now than we did around 1800 when people over 40 years old were rather uncommon.

     Who is there to judge anyway?
                                        Give yourself permission to love people - 
                                               no matter what they are doing – 
                                                         and heal your heart.

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