Wednesday, April 10, 2013


                                               THE CUTEST GUY IN THE CLASS 
Few days ago I was having a walk in a beautiful garden in my neighbourhood with my creator Gegga. This time Gegga was stucked in a little bit selfpitty because she felt her dreams were not coming true – yet! So she asked God to send her some nice guy to cheer her up.

     Suddenly we saw a man sitting on a bench. He was nice looking and somehow he seemed to shine. When we came closer, Gegga recognised it was a man who almost 40 years ago, not though fully, sounds better to say 38... was in school with her. He had been the most handsome boy in her class. All the girls agreed to that. He was always smiling which of course made him even more attractive.  Once upon a time Gegga had even kissed him! – in the good old days when she was only 14 :)

     Now, sitting there on the bench, they had a chat and he told her he’d been sick with a cancer for a few years now, and still wasn’t cured. But what a smile on his face! He was so positive and joyful that Gegga felt a little ashamed of her own selfpitty. She asked if he was able to work, knowing he had been working as a plummer. And he told her he worked now and then for “nice people” – doing just what pleased him.  And when the job was not fun enough HE JUST MADE IT JOYFUL AND FUN!!  He trained his mind in every way to be positive and creative.

     He told Gegga, his job was to take care of his mind – the doctors job was to take care of his body!


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