About Gegga

Gegga - Helga Birgisdóttir is living in Iceland

Creator and a smiler

Artist - Designer - Lecturer - Writer

Passionate humanitarian aid entrepreneur 

Nurse - Midwife

30 years experience of working with people from birth to death

Author of the book:
"Smiler can change it all"

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Gegga is versatile in her art and she works with paintings, sculptures and functional objects. She has participated in many group and solo exhibitions in Iceland and abroad and many of her works are featured by public institutions.
Influences from her former occupation as a midwife can be seen in her art as her focus is on love and the creation of life.
Gegga has improved her skills by training around the world, in places such as Hungary, Czech Republic, Danmark and Japan.
Gegga is working at a psychiatric ward at The National University Hospital in Reykjavik

Gegga is a lecturer on spiritual matters and has studied in workschops with Neale Donald Walsch (the author of the best-selling books "Conversations with God").

                        Gegga's passion is to bring out 
                                your Powerful Creator 

Part from the book "SMILER can change it all ....":

Throughout my life I had often wondered what its purpose was, and had asked my Creator some big questions. Yet for the longest time, I found the answers lacking. I was not as happy as I longed to be, and had a hard time understanding why my life wasn’t working out the way I wanted it to. Today I have a better understanding of the reason – I was having a hard time loving myself unconditionally. No one had taught me how to do it. I rarely felt OK just as I was… I was never quite “enough”, or so it felt to me.

I made unconscious demands on others… such as that they “make me” happy. At the same time I took responsibility for their happiness. This was both a difficult and complicated thing to execute, and I failed again and again. My self-image was in tatters.

I had always believed that God was good, but I seriously doubted that He thought I was good enough. For that reason I did not trust Him very well. I was quite sure that he took a limited interest in me and my problems. 

Now, at last – when I have reached middle age – I have realized that I am my own creator. I am a part of God, and I have manifested all the good and bad in my life with my own free will. Making this discovery was a huge relief for me, yet at the same time quite a hard thing to swallow.

The book is in English and Icelandic languages in the same copy.


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